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Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog

War is over. War is just beginning.

Planetary Calendar 214.

Four years after The Solar War an uneasy peace persists throughout the solar system.

The Jovian patrol ship Gun-Dog is sent on a reconnaissance mission to investigate mysterious signals coming from the edge of Jovian space. What starts as a routine assignment quickly escalates into a battle for survival as an unknown threat terrorises the crew.

Take on the role of the Gun-Dog's security officer as you attempt to save the ship from the hidden assailant whilst navigating the paranoia, conspiracies and vendettas that break out amongst the crew.

As camaraderie falls apart can you overcome the challenges that await?

Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog is a visual novel / graphic adventure in the spirit of classic Japanese adventure games.

Featuring an extensive cast of characters, rich explorable environments and a story full of meaningful choices that rewards investigation and interaction, The Gun-Dog is a love letter to retro anime and 80s science fiction designed for all audiences.